Psychiatric Technician

Location: Washington, DC
Date Posted: 10-12-2017
Assist the professional nursing staff in delivering patient care utilizing the nursing process and provide a therapeutic environment for mentally, emotionally and physically ill patients.
Interact with nursing, medical staff and other members of the health care team in the provision of direct patient care, carry out treatment interventions specific to psychiatric or behavioral mental health services including assessment, documentation and evaluation of  response to treatment.
Provide direct patient care according to department-unit-based standard.
Perform nursing duties that record and measure patients’ physical condition such as vital signs (T. P. R. B/P), blood sugar, intake/output, collect specimen and when indicated transport blood and other specimens to appropriate lab.
Participate in patient admission and discharges by preparing room, check clothing & other personal property, collect patient information, orientate patient/family to unit and use of the unit facilities and resources and  complete all forms and other documentation required on admission and discharge.
Encourage & enable patient to carry out daily hygiene as needs indicates such as assist with bathing, skin care, dressing or undressing, grooming, serve meals and feed patients needing assistance or persuasion.
Escort patients to and from various areas within the hospital such as to X-ray, off unit location for treatment & procedures as it becomes necessary.
Monitor patients’ physical and emotional well-being and report significant changes in behavior patterns to the charge nurse.
Perform individual and group counseling under the direction of a registered nurse or psychiatric social worker.
Organize, supervise and encourage patient participation in psychotherapy, social, educational and recreational activities.
Initiate, maintain and terminate therapeutic relations with patients using high degree of sensitivity to individual patient needs.
Participate with the professional staff in patient group meetings; observe patient participation and skills during meeting and record observations.
Use verbal and/or physical means to carry out restraint and seclusion and de-escalating of a patient exhibiting disruptive or violent behavior.
Assist professional staff with chemical restraint ordered by patient’s physician and provide 1:1 monitoring as required.
Observe, influence, and interact to teach, counsel and befriend to prevent patient from injuring self and/or others.
Monitor patients’ psychological status in order to detect unusual behavior and report observations to professional staff.
Document in medical record patient’s condition and activity, behavior, and response to interventions.
Collaborate with nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, and others involved in patient’s care to develop treatment   goals & discharge plan and documentation of the same.
Provide timely and appropriate documentation of interventions and evaluation in the medical records
Maintain a safe, clean, comfortable aesthetic environment including cleaning equipment used in patient care and tidying surfaces used by nursing staff in the absence of the unit aide.
Make rounds at beginning of shift to inspect patient rooms and unit for any obvious environmental hazards such as electrical outage, puddles of water on floor, leaking sinks, offensive odors, accessibility of objects a patient could use to injury self or others, etc.
Report environmental or safety concerns to charge nurse but also take initiative to remedy problem by calling the appropriate service; i.e., call engineering for electrical problems, housekeeping for large amount of water on floor due to flooding.
Participate in multidisciplinary team conference and daily report to receive feedback and provide treatment team with information useful to establishing and evaluating treatment plans.
Engage in educational opportunities and maintain clinical competencies by keeping abreast of advance knowledge, medical breakthroughs, new techniques, current trends, methods and issues in behavioral mental health.
Adhere to HUH/departmental policies, procedures, and regulations including but not limited to: Annual Physical, CPR, Unit specific competencies.
Attend unit based staff & other meetings and/or is responsible for 100% of the content.
Promote adherence to the Health Sciences Compliance Program, the Howard University Code of Ethics and the Health Sciences Standards of Conduct.
Attend annual and periodic mandatory Compliance Program training including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy training.
Participate in activities that promote adherence to federal healthcare program requirements.
Actively participate in Health Sciences Compliance Program activities.
Adhere to the requirements of the HIPAA Privacy Policies and Procedures.
Maintain confidentiality of patients, families, and staff.
Assume other duties and responsibilities that are related and appropriate to the position and area.  The above responsibilities are a general description of the level and nature of the work assigned to this classification and are not to be considered as all-inclusive.
Knowledge of human behavior and performance, individual differences in ability, personality and interest; learning and motivation; psychological research methods; and the assessment and treatment of behavioral and affective disorders.
Demonstrate attitude and behavior that are courteous and sensitive when interacting with patient, family, visitors and staff.
Demonstrate ability to prioritize responsibilities in order to achieve desired results in required time frame.
Ability to meet deadlines without causing undue disruption.
Ability to maintain a satisfactory work and leave profile according to established guidelines.
Ability to maintain professional appearance while in the work environment.
Take initiative in making suggestions for unit based performance improvement.
Utilize human resources, time, and supplies efficiently.
Ability to maintain professional behavior in stressful situation including routinely exhibiting professional demeanor in tone of voice, appearance and movement.
Achieve 12 hours of continuing education per year related to work to keep abreast of trends, standards of practice, and new developments in behavioral mental health.
Competence in both oral and written English.
Ability to establish and maintain effective and harmonious work relationships with staff, physicians, Hospital and University officials, and the general public.
Must demonstrate collaboration; accountability; respect; excellence; and service.
Works with team members and peers in and outside of their immediate work group to create an exceptional experience for patients, students and other visitors; looks for ways to achieve departmental/institutional results by partnering.
Accepts responsibility for his/her actions to provide health care and or ancillary functions in a highly efficient and compassionate manner.  The employee must function as a Steward (Have Ownership) of the Howard values that foster a commitment to improving the patient and student experience, organizational efficiency and the environment.
Embraces diversity; cares holistically for those we serve; treats all as we would like to be treated; manages the patient’s right to privacy with meticulous care 100% of the time and keeps patient and proprietary information about the institution confidential.
Anticipates the patient’s and student’s needs, presents as a model representative of the institution and maintains high standards of care while striving to improve performance and create exceptional experiences for our customers.
Behaves in a friendly, resourceful and professional manner towards all they encounter; treats patients, students and visitors in the same way that they would want their family members or themselves to be treated.

High school diploma or GED required.
One (1) year college education in counseling, psychology or other related health care/behavioral science such as sociology, social work preferred.
One year in psychiatric facility or mental health setting as nurses’ aide, nursing assistant, or patient care technician required.
Current, valid CPR License/Certification.
Must be able to stand, walk, sit, lift, climb, balance, stoop, kneel, bend, pull, push, reach, handle, write, type, file, speak, hear, see, calculate, compare, evaluate, interpret and organize for extended periods of time.
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