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Food Service Worker

Washington, District of Columbia
Under the general supervision of the Supervisor of Food Services, and in accordance with departmental/hospital policies and procedures, and applicable local and federal health department standards and program requirements, perform a variety of food service duties including sanitation duties in assigned areas.
Interact internally with immediate staff at all levels, patients and their families, caregivers, healthcare providers, Hospital and University officials and the general public.
Utilizing tray tickets/marked menus, ensures accurate assembly of patient trays for general and modified diets; ensures portions served are in accordance with diet plans and checked completed trays for accuracy.
Explains the menu selection process, and assists patients with making selections. Accurately distributes and collects menus and patient food trays as assigned.
Retrieves soiled trays, silverware and food carts.
Stacks and returns soiled items to dish room after each meal.
Stacks soiled trays and silverware into dishwasher for washing and sanitization.
When assigned to cafeteria/catering areas, displays foods attractively and provides service to customers. Maintains a clutter-free, clean, safe, sanitary and orderly work area.
Assists with preparing/portioning salads, desserts and/or, other items as needed.

Delivers food carts to patient floors and trays to patients' bedside (except for those in isolation), ensuring patients receive the correct trays and provide assistance accordingly.
Accurately prepares individual patient and bulk nourishments daily. Cleans  food carts, other equipment  and wash pots and pans  by hand.
Disposes of trash and garbage according to sanitation policies and procedures, as needed.
Transfers clean dishes and other equipment to and from the tray line according to sanitation policies and procedures.
Mops floors and cleans walk-in storage areas and refrigerators as needed.
Promotes adherence to the Health Sciences Compliance Program, the Howard University Code of Ethics and the Health Sciences Standards of Conduct.
Attends annual and periodic mandatory Compliance Program training including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy training.
Participates in activities that promote adherence to federal healthcare program requirements. Actively participates in Health Sciences Compliance Program activities.
Adheres to the requirements of the HIPAA Privacy Policies and Procedures. Maintains confidentiality of patients, families, and staff.

Assumes other duties and responsibilities that are related and appropriate to the position and area. The above responsibilities are a general description of the level and nature of the work assigned to this classification and are not to be considered as all-inclusive.
Knowledge of Hospital's food, tray assembly, tray delivery, tray retrieval, safety and sanitation policies and procedures.
Knowledge of standard diet patterns.
Strong attention to detail with the ability to follow direction closely. Ability to adhere to policies and procedures.
Ability to serve correct portions and utilize appropriate serving utensils for a variety of foods.
Ability to recognize, operate safely and clean standard kitchen equipment according to Hospital standard.

Ability to read and recognize appropriate food modifications, and follow diet plans as stated on tray ticket/menu.
Ability to recognize a variety of foods.
Ability to respond to customers in a pleasant, courteous and prompt manner. Competence in both oral and written English.

Ability to establish and maintain effective and harmonious work relationships with staff, physicians, Hospital and University officials, and the general public.
High school or General Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D.).
Six (6) months of successful food service work experience, preferably in a healthcare environment.
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