Assistant Nurse Manager -- Operating Room

Location: 2041 Georgia Avenue, Washington, DC
Date Posted: 04-25-2018
The Assistant Nurse Manager provides support and assistance to the Nurse Manager in the supervision and management of the daily operations in the OR.  The Assistant Nurse Manager ensures that all activities associated with the daily execution of the surgical schedule are coordinated and communicated in a way that departmental and inter-departmental efficiency is expedited; patient care is facilitated with minimal delay and that quality of services is consistently maintained.  The Assistant Nurse Manager supports the mission, vision and values of Howard University Hospital.
Reporting directly to this position are: Registered Nurses, OR Technicians, Procedure Support Technicians, and Unit Secretaries.
NATURE AND SCOPE: This is a list of groups of individuals with whom the incumbent interacts.  Examples include:Interact(s) with staff, physicians, patients and their families, other healthcare providers, Hospital and University officials, and the general public. Interacts internally with (e.g., patients, staff, physicians) . . .   Interacts externally with (e.g., community leaders, vendors, professional associations) . . .”
Interacts with staff, patients and their families, physicians, other healthcare providers and Hospital & University officials.
PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES: This is a list of the major (essential) responsibilities of the position.  Statements in this section should include specific “action” verbs, such as “operates”, “schedules”, “prepares”, “calculates”, “plans”, “organizes”, “conducts”, etc, to describe each function.
Directs staff in the application of the nursing process, provides direction, coordinates patients’ care, promotes and enhances independent functioning among employees.
  1. Plans for patient care needs by reviewing appropriateness of scheduled cases and availability of supplies, equipment, instruments and staffing coverage.
  2. Evaluates / adjusts specialty team staffing.  Completes patient care assignments based on expertise of staff members and demands of the OR schedule.
  3. Regularly acts as role model to nursing staff by demonstrating clinical and theoretical expertise using evidence-based knowledge and prevailing standards.  When needed, supports clinical caseload by acting as a circulating nurse or scrub person.
  4. Arranges for housekeeping and maintenance departmental services to ensure a safe environment for patients, employees, visitors, and medical staff.
  5. Coordinates and communicates between OR/PACU/Preop/SPD all potential or actual patient problems that may affect the daily activities within the suite and the quality of patient care.
  6. Collaborates with Lead / Charge Anesthesiologist to ensure that the schedule runs efficiently in accordance with policies and procedures.
  7. Coordinates and communicates with ancillary departments to maintain cooperative working environment.
  8. Coordinates and ensures information flow to surgical families on any updates with the patient’s schedule/condition.
  9. Coordinates resolution of problems identified pre-operatively resulting in no significant delay to surgical procedure, patient recovery, or discharge.
  10. Delegates tasks appropriate to unit personnel to facilitate schedule and minimize delays in planned surgery.
  11. Orchestrates the services of operating room personnel to provide rapid progression from cleaning to preparing room (OR) for the next case.
  12. Enforces and maintains intra-operative standards of care.
  13. Directs the operating room personnel in areas such as organizing, cleaning, and stocking as deemed necessary.
  14. Oversees clinical nursing practice, utilization of area resources, and operations in accordance with department goals / objectives, regulatory, professional, ad accrediting agency standards, as well as the policies and procedures of Howard University Hospital.
  15. Resolves and elevates to Nurse Manager problems requiring administrative intervention in time to minimize patient, surgeon, visitor, and / or hospital employee’s dissatisfaction
  16. Identifies and reports appropriately potential and actual quality improvement issues.
  17. Observes, monitors and provides timely feedback on quality of staff performance and physician activities to prevent harm or injury to the patients, and reports appropriately to the Nurse Manager.
  18. Reports accurately and timely all patient problems requiring physician notification that may result in delay or cancelation of surgery, delay of recovery and or discharge.
  19. Maintains unit compliance with TJC, DOH, local and federal regulatory standards.
  20. Monitors efficient room turnover.
Develops, publishes and monitors staffing schedules, determines and makes daily adjustments as indicated by patient care needs of the unit
1.  Projects, adjusts and evaluates concurrent staffing needs according to established staffing guidelines.
2.  Monitors staffing ratios/acuity/needs on a daily basis to ensure safe staffing levels.
3.  Reviews staff schedule, adjusts staffing appropriately to cover the needs of the department daily, including flexing staff if needed.
4.  Publishes staff‘s monthly schedules in a timely manner.
Provides leadership direction to staff.
1.  Routinely acts as a clinical resource / consultant to staff for problem identification and resolution.  Anticipates and proactively guides care to prevent untoward events.
2.  3.  Acts as a role model for change; manages and implements new technological changes and practices.
4.  Delegates effectively in daily operations and utilizes critical thinking skills in crisis situations in a calm and professional manner.
5.  Monitors room turnover / case setup and directs team members in order to achieve operational efficiency and on time starts.  Communicates effectively with staff to ensure necessary information is disseminated.
6.  Exemplifies patient advocacy with physicians, staff, family and community.  Proactively resolves issues and fosters this behavior in other staff members.
7.  Assures staff is held accountable for assigned responsibilities and follows through when issues develop and brings them to closure. Assists the Nurse Manager in giving first level discipline to staff members.
8.  Maintain the safety of all who interact within the unit.  Monitors staff for compliance with internal and external safety policies and procedures.
9.  Facilitates a positive working environment to promote employee satisfaction and retention and recruitment.
10.  Assures employee and departmental compliance to hospital policies and procedures.
11.  Assists in ensuring that all equipment is clean and functioning safely, removes malfunctioning equipment form service and notifies appropriate personnel.
12.  Participates in interviews for staff selection.
13.  Coordinate, facilitate, and manage change within the health care organization.
14.  Facilitate or serve as a member of a multidisciplinary team in planning perioperative patient care.
15.  Assists in providing pertinent feedback to department manager for annual staff review preparation.
Performs staff developmental activities.
  1. Maintains current job-related knowledge and seeks opportunities to advance that knowledge through continuing education, seminars, and other educational offerings.
  2. Participates in hospital and departmental performance improvement activities by implementing practice improvements based on the results of departmental quality and improvement assurance activities.
  3. Assists with orienting / preceptorship of departmental staff.
  4. Participates in the development of unit / hospital based standards of practice; mentors others in this development.
  5. Consistently plans and incorporates new routines, procedures and equipment into practice. 
  6. Develops team focused interactions and works effectively with others to plan for annual objectives to be achieved by specialty teams.
  7. Consults with staff, physicians, and unit manager to identify service specific educational needs.  Plans formal / informal education programs with the OR Educator and assists in competency development and presentation.
  8. Collects, analyzes and reviews data and participates in practice committees when appropriate.
  9. Conducts research and evaluates new product introduced by industry representatives.
  10. Participates in professional organizations and attends relevant conferences to keep in pace with current practice.
Adheres to Professionalism Standard
  1. Serves as a role model / resource for other team members and exhibits flexibility and adaptability to change in department practices.
  2. Identifies strengths and development needs of self.
  3. Identifies active/potential problems and seeks appropriate solutions to those problems, and assumes responsibility and accountability for “judgments” and actions.
  4. Appearance consistently complies with department policy.
Assumes other duties and responsibilities that are related and appropriate to the position and area.  The above responsibilities are a general description of the level and nature of the work assigned to this classification and are not to be considered as all-inclusive.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: This is a list of the minimum education, licenses and/or certifications, and years of experience that an applicant must have in order to be considered for the position.  If there are specific shift/hours requirements, those are listed her as well (e.g., Must be able to work nights, weekends, and holidays” or “Must be able to work rotating day and evening shifts as assigned.”). In addition, HR will create an ADA statement, based on your completion of the ADA Physical and Mental Abilities Worksheet, and add it as the last minimum requirements statement.

Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing required.  Current license to practice nursing in the District of Columbia.
Minimum of five (5) years of Operating Room Nurse experience is required; ability to circulate in all specialty areas and ability to scrub preferred.
At least three (3) years of charge nursing experience is preferred.
Minimum of three (3) years of OR experience executing surgical schedule preferred.
Certified Nurse, Operating Room (CNOR) preferred.
Current American Heart Association certification in Basic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation required.
Must be able to stand, walk, sit, lift, bend, write, type, file, speak, hear, see, calculate, compare, edit, evaluate, interpret and organize for extended periods of time.

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