Plumber I

Location: Washington, DC
Date Posted: 02-02-2018
Under the general supervision of the Trades Supervisor and assisting the master plumber, inspects, installs, repairs and replaces pipe, valves, in-line devices and pipe fittings in steam, domestic hot water, heating hot water and chilled water systems. Assists with the maintenance of the heating, cooling, domestic water systems, medical gas systems, and drainage systems throughout the Health Center.
Interacts internally with immediate staff members, physicians, Hospital and University officials, patients and the general public.
Studies engineering drawings, equipment technical information and sketches to determine equipment selection, routings, sizes and fittings required for the job.
  • Performs maintenance and repair on a wide variety of plumbing, heating and cooling equipment, devices and equipment. This equipment includes but is not limited to sinks, pumps, steam traps, commodes, water coolers, water heaters, domestic hot water and heating tube bundles, water filters, vent systems, drainage systems, various pressures and non-pressure piping and other similar devices.
  • Performs maintenance and installation on various medical gas and vacuum systems throughout the Health Center. Repairs blockages in vacuum piping systems and medical air compressors. Installs manifold valves and inspects these systems for proper operation.
  • Measures, cuts, threads and bends pipe and tubing according to the specifications of the work order or project.
  • Positions valves, couplings and other in-line devices by mechanical techniques.
  • Seals penetrations as required with appropriate material to maintain fire proofing integrity.
  • Performs all maintenance, repair and installation on domestic hot and cold water systems and other steam and condensate lines.
  • Maintains, repairs and installs Health Center fire protection systems, both wet and dry pipe. Replaces sprinkler heads, tamper switches pipe and fittings and all other related devices. Maintains, repairs and installs main fire and jockey pumps. 
  • Maintains and services valves by removal and installation of new valve packing, packing glands, stems and handles.
  • Prepares and records accurate records for preventative maintenance.
  • Maintains, installs, tests, inspects and repairs backflow prevention devices. Maintains proper records of inspection and testing these devices.
  • Promotes adherence to the Health Sciences Compliance Program, the Howard University Code of Ethics and the Health Sciences Standards of Conduct.
  • Attends annual and periodic mandatory Compliance Program training including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy training.
  • Participates in activities that promote adherence to federal healthcare program requirements.
  • Actively participates in Health Sciences Compliance Program activities.
  • Adheres to the requirements of the HIPAA Privacy Policies and Procedures.
  • Maintains confidentiality of patients, families, and staff.
  • Assumes other duties and responsibilities that are related and appropriate to the position and area.  The above responsibilities are a general description of the level and nature of the work assigned to this classification and is not to be considered as all-inclusive.
  • Active in Journeyman program.
  • Certified in Medical Gases. (Preferred)
  • Certified in Back Flow Preventers. (Preferred)
  • High School Graduate or General Equivalency Diploma.
  • Three (3) years experience in plumbing.
Must be able to stand, walk, sit, lift, climb, stoop, kneel, crouch, bend, pull, push, reach, write, speak, hear, see, calculate and organize for extended periods of time.
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